Recreation Full-Size

4X4, PLAY, WORK, Ages 16+

Recreation Big Bore

4x4, Power, Work, Play, Ages 16+

Recreation Mid-Size

4x4, 2x4, Play, Work, Value, Ages 16+


4x4, Touring, Work, Ages 16+

Competition Mudpro

4x4, Mud Hungry, Ages 16+

Utility Hardest Working

4x4, Utility, Ages 16+

Sport XC 450

4x4, 2x4, Sport, Ages 16+

Youth Young Riders

2x4, Play, Ages Over 12-16

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New Arctic Cat Sleds

The 2017 lineup is now available. Our sleds reflect the intensity of our drive. We are Arctic Cat riders. And we ride more. Everything that goes into this brand - our sleds, our gear and our accessories are created for this sole purpose.​ We offer some of the best pricing in the entire Minnesota area, so stop in or call us today to discuss financing on a new sled today!

New Textron Off Road ATV's

Out there is the wide world of Textron Off Road ATV's® and it’s open to riders with an off-road attitude, a pioneering spirit and the machine that suits them best. Whether they’re pummeling dunes, driving feedlots, hunting high-country elk or simply riding the winds of discovery, there’s a Textron Off Road ATV that will take them there. Welcome to a world without fences, and a mindset without limits. Stop in today for some of the best pricing in Minnesota on a new ATV.

Trail ZR

Aggressive Trail

Crossover XF

Aggressive On/Off Trail

Mountain M

Deep Snow/High Altitude

Utility Bearcat


Trail Touring

Luxury Trail

Youth ZR120


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